RouterHAK —
The ultimate tool to unlock your router.

RouterHAK offers a variety of features such as router emulation (provisioning client), listing routers' superuser passwords, router settings recovery tools and much more.

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Our Features

Router Emulation
(Provisioning Client)
Password Database
Password Generation Tools
Wi-Fi Password Tools
Router Dumping Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Possibly, try a similar model for your ISP in the Provisioning tab, some ISPs don't care about the model and will provision you regardless.
A good way to figure this out is to think if you plugged in another router from your ISP, would it be provisioned automatically?
If yes, our provisioning system will most likely work for you.

This is due to the tool being obfuscated to prevent unauthorized access to our code.
Despite the encryption, our tool is whitelisted by Microsoft and can be executed under any virtualization environment (VM, Sandbox, etc).
On the other hand, our Application Updater is open source and open for contribution.

Depends, some ISPs will generate unique credentials for every provision request.
Others will always generate the same as long as the router model remains the same.
And others will generate the same credentials all the time.

Core Team

We support & believe in open source. We use open source software and release aspects of RouterHAK as open source.
Follow us & contribute on GitHub.


Project Leader


Lead Developer


Networking Engineer & Developer



Web Developer


Provided us with a Wind line & Implemented the Thomson Wi-Fi generator module


Provided us with a Vodafone line


Provided us with a Forthnet line


Provided us with a Vodafone line